Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy New Year! I'm back

2010 was a dry year for me for inspiration. I tried to get myself to do some sewing, but couldn't get inspired to do so. About a month ago, I got the itch to relearn crocheting, which was my first childhood craft. I did not learn how to sew until junior high in home economics class. I learned some basic crochet when I was 9 years old during summer school. I remember enjoying it very much and made a granny square afghan with my mother. The colors we used were yellow-orange and brown, very 70's color palette. I don't know where that afghan is. I haven't seen it at my parents' house for years. I hope my mom didn't throw it away.

Although I knew how to create a chain, single and double crochet, I had never learned how to read a crochet pattern. My friend Pauline runs a knitting circle at our church so I went to a meeting and she taught me how to read crochet patterns. It was a bit difficult for me at first. It was like learning a new foreign language. I bought a crochet book about dish cloths since I felt that was an easy project to start. Later, I discovered numerous how-to-crochet videos on youtube. I found wonderful videos showing step-by-step how to create a project and I followed along with the video and its written pattern. That was my first hat project. I made a hat for my little girl. I was so excited to show her after school. Since then, I've made numerous hats, scarves, amigurumi, and ponchos!

I've been crocheting everyday since then. Sometimes my fingers get tired and sore from all that repetitive motion. I also like crocheting because it's a very portable craft. You cannot easily bring a sewing project or even a rubberstamping project in waiting rooms. I have found that crocheting is a great way to pass the time while waiting for my kids at their activities. You can get a lot of crocheting done within a 1 hour class. I've had more than one parent come up to me with curiosity to ask what I was making. It's a great conversation starter. I even inspired another mom in my kids' martial arts class to take up knitting again. The kids' martial arts master jokingly asked if I would make him a karate outfit. I told him that I could only make him a black belt! LOL!

Here are some projects that I've made. My crocheting has also inspired me to create again, even sewing. So expect to see some new things for sale on my etsy store soon.

Martha Stewart-inspired Coming Home Poncho

Matching Hat

Slouchie Beanie

Amigurumi Teddy Bear

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