Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beachwear for Barbie, Fashion Royalty, and Momoko

I've spent the past year trying to find my nitch on etsy. Etsy is a wonderful site with such beautiful, creative handmade items. There are so many talented craftspeople. I'm also an avid fashion doll collector and I had wanted to sell my handmade doll clothes for awhile. At the start of summer when the weather was getting hot, I looked in my closet and found my smocked maxi dresses. I had forgotten how comfortable they were. They were the perfect summer dress. Then, an idea hit me. What if I made mini smocked maxi dresses for my fashion dolls? Would it work? Can my sewing machine even do smocking?

I made my first prototype, tried the dress on one of my lovely dolls, and it worked! The smocking looked 1/6" scale. The doll looked like she was wearing beachwear fit for summer strolling. I made more out of different fabric designs. The elastic top was stretchy enough to fit both small chested dolls like Model Muse and Silkstone Barbies and larger chested dolls like Fashion Royalty. I also made smaller dresses for Momoko to fit her proportions better. The response from the fashion doll community has been very positive and encouraging. I plan to work on more of these dresses and do different styles.

Here's the photoshoot of my summer doll fashions.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    So cute! Perfect for your dolls. I remember having and making dresses like this for myself. The fabric was already pre-smocked.